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Of colour, me, ppt, correlation, weighted average & chocobar 1 August, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Musings.
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It’s been way too long since the last post. I have to admit that I have been a lazy bum but at the same time I was extremely busy. Contradictory statement? I know but isn’t life all about contradictions? Well without sprinkling some more confusing statements on you let me elucidate what actually happened.

I was in the midst of doing my ‘summer internship’ as a part of my MBA. I had my 2nd sem exams in the month of April and as soon as they ended I had to hit the road for the project. You are right, not a single day of rest in between, straightaway I embarked upon my journey to ‘2nd adulthood’, if one may call it so. I was livid at the mere thought of not been able to enjoy some days of rest after the exams but couldn’t help it as the schedule shaped up to the contrary.

This was two and a half months ago. And now that I have finished my project, made my ppt-presentation, done all the number crunching, battled correlation & weighted average single handedly and finally submitted the project report, I suddenly appreciate how important these last few months have been for me. I have realized that at the end of the day it’s all about managing people. I have realized that bosses value your work more than your grades and that they can (sometimes) be nice too! I have understood the value of team- work. And these are some realizations which hopefully would stay with me for long.

P.S. the word ‘colour’ is mentioned in the title because I did my project from a paint company. And ‘chocobar’ pertains to the fact that I celebrated its completion by feasting on 5 chocobars (it’s a normal practice for me).


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1. Sakhi - 1 August, 2008

hun… busy beee!! 🙂

Sakhi- we all are !! 🙂

2. arvind - 1 August, 2008

5 chocobars …
best of luck for ur future sems 😉

Arvind-Thanks man 🙂

3. Dinesh Babu - 1 August, 2008

Welcome back! and I know what you mean by Contradictions in Life. Irony and Contradictions are always an inherent part of life.

Dinesh B- Thanks, u r right.

4. Nikhil - 2 August, 2008

Lol… I usually celebrate something with Beer! Call it a 3rd adulthood! 😀
Cheers! 😀

Nikhil- Well i don drink , not even beer but I guess 5 chocos at one go is an intoxicating feeling for the soul….Hik !!
Cheers 🙂

5. allirekha - 2 August, 2008

5 chocs at a single time!! :O
o lord!!
anyways btr than nikhil!! its nt at all a bad habit !
i wonder wt will u do if u get diabetes :mrgreen:

Allirekha- Let me tell u what has happened recently; a cake shop has opened just beside my house & they make some of the most fascinating stuff in the world including Ice-creams.
So I just get in whenever I feel like & the rest as they say becomes Gastronomic history 🙂

6. dinu - 5 August, 2008

hey 5 chocobars together ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. dinu - 5 August, 2008

and yea.. chocolates can help us to gain more weight ? do u think so ? I need to increase my weight !

8. barath - 5 August, 2008

in a way! 2nd adulthood seems the right way to describe this phase of life, when you’re no more a student..

and me too lover of chocobar!!!

Good luck dude!

9. Rahul - 10 August, 2008

DINU- Yes they can but I think joining a Gym Would be a better option along with healthy diet 🙂

BARATH- Thanks 🙂

10. Sharad Bapat - 13 August, 2008

Celebrating with 5 choco bars… 🙂

Keep munching…

11. Nikhil - 13 August, 2008

Couldn’t help replying to your comment here also!
I AM LOVE GURU, dude! 😀

Check this out:


12. Manasa - 15 August, 2008

Bosses appreciate your work. That’s right. But you may realize later how much the appraisal “grades” matter. Just my 2 cents based on experience 😀

13. Rahul - 16 August, 2008

@ Manasa- Welcome! Yah I understand ur 2 cents!!

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