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‘Yes, we can’ 6 November, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Musings, Politics.
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In an age of despair

In an age of war

In an age of conflict

In an age of broken dreams

…….came someone

With a vision so different

With a spirit so earnest

Barack Obama he is called &

he says ….. ‘Yes, we can!’




1. Dinesh Babu - 6 November, 2008

I am glad he won 🙂

2. Sakhi - 6 November, 2008

I have not followed American politics too closely so cant say much about Obama.. but i am glad that Bush is out!!

3. Rahul - 6 November, 2008

Dinesh B– So am I 🙂 infact am quite happy that Mccain lost. – Rahul

Sakhi– I am also glad that Bush is out 🙂 it’s high time! – Rahul

4. Nikhil - 7 November, 2008

I really wish I couldn’t care less! 😀

5. rajni - 13 November, 2008

My colleague delivered this news of Obama’s winning the poll…i said ‘wow’…i don’t know why??? 😉

6. shivya - 23 November, 2008

Yes yes, Obama is the hope.

7. Nikhil - 12 December, 2008

“Blog of a lazy blogger..”

Lousy excuse! Where are you!?? 😀

8. Rahul - 21 December, 2008

I Will be back ……Exams were going on 😛

9. Misty - 5 January, 2009

Just bloghopped here.
obama fan, i see… lets hope change does come 😛 check my blog.. i’ve written a post relating to obama too.. lol 😛 if u cud call it that

Rahul - 15 January, 2009

Misty Thanks for hoppin onto my Blog!.. will surely read ur post 🙂

10. tanyasue - 21 January, 2009

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I agree with you: Obama is an amazing orator!! I am quite hopeful today. America has made a lot of mistakes (as have many nations). I hope today is the start of re-focusing our purpose on what is prudent and wise. I want this nation to be respected throughout the world, not because of our military or our size, but because of our compassion and justice, because of our conscious acts toward what is good and right, because of our mutual respect for all. Again, thanks for dropping by! I appreciate your comments.

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