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What a Day! 22 July, 2009

Posted by Rahul in Life, Thoughts, Writings.

life baby smile

What just happened today would take time to sink in!



1. sakhi - 22 July, 2009

As long as it was something good… 🙂 mast hai phir to! 🙂

Rahul - 23 July, 2009

Mast hein yar! 🙂

2. pooja - 22 July, 2009

Perhaps many years down the line, in a solitary moment, we will suddenly remember this day, and it will bring a smile on our faces….

Rahul - 23 July, 2009

You are so right… 🙂

3. Nita - 11 November, 2009

Rahul, wonder where you are and what happened!!

4. Vineet - 14 February, 2011

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