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About me & my Blog

Name: Rahul.

From: INDIA.

Here u will get : My Perspective & Perceptions.

Education: Managed  a MBA in Marketing & Finance [;-)] !!

Work: Research Analyst.

Love: Music, Books, Movies , NET.

Passion: Business News & CNBC.

Sports: Cricket, Pool & Snooker.

As Mark Twain  said……. I ……….never let schooling interfere with my education.

P.S. If you like my Blog or got any suggestion, just drop me a comment………… I always reply  😀



1. Rahul - 5 July, 2008

thanks a Lot 🙂 . Absolute Honor 🙂

2. Nita - 5 July, 2008

I was just wondering, are you rahul sengupta?

3. Rahul - 5 July, 2008

@ Nita : Yes I am 🙂

4. Nita - 5 July, 2008

Well well!! welcome back to blogging Rahul. I am adding you to my blogroll.

5. Joel - 10 July, 2008

Hi, you’ve got a great blog there and I liked your “status”… 😀

Joel thanks a Ton 🙂 visit again -Rahul 😀

6. Amyth - 11 July, 2008

Good Stuff…. I’m gonna keep coming back! 🙂 …. Thanks for dropping in to Talking Tails.. and do keep coming back..

Blogrolling you!

7. Rahul - 11 July, 2008

Amyth – Thanks 🙂 looking forward to your posts.
Cheers 🙂

8. Pooja - 1 August, 2008

Hi ,

I jst went through your blog , I am from Life in campus ( a print portal of magazine , going to launch in september ,08 – it is sp. for Engg. , Sc. and MBA’s ) We are looking for right people who would like to contribute articles to our magazine .
It may be in techy or campus or fun domain , we have a long list of content to choose from .
In case you are interested please let us know at pooja.sihmar@lifeincampus.com . ASAP .
Regards ,

PooJa – thanks for the offer, I shall let u know….let me think a bit.

9. Dinesh Babu - 1 August, 2008

Hey Thanks for blogrolling me, I had subscribed to your feed a while back and blogrolled you now!

Dinesh B- pleasure 🙂

10. barath - 2 August, 2008

Hey blogrolling you!!!

11. Sharad Bapat - 13 August, 2008

‘I ……….never let schooling interfere with my education.‘

Good that you did not…. 🙂

12. Sharad Bapat - 13 August, 2008

Ahh….. Rahul.. I would love to see a “Recent Posts” widget..If you could include it….

13. Rahul - 13 August, 2008

SHARAD- Welcome to the Blog & about ‘Recent Posts ‘ widget…..let me think a bit 🙂 ….. not a bad idea though.

14. Meena Vathyam - 6 September, 2008

first timer here .. Mohd.Rafi is a favorite of mine …added u to my blogroll

Meena – Thank U &Welcome ! 🙂
You haven’t provided any URl for ur own Blog!! Why? Do visit again

15. BG - 9 September, 2008

Hi Rahul

I was looking through our database, picking out some good blogs to find how cool is the person for asking him/her a favor.
We have been conducting blogger meets and we completed the 6th one in Delhi last week. This was organised by a blogger from Delhi,Preetam.

Tradition is, if it is a blogger meet, we ensure it is hosted by a blogger based from the local region. So, keeping the tradition, we want to know if you would be interested in being a host for the Kolkata blogger meet.
There is no cost for you. The only cost is your time. From the venue to food, all is been taken care by the sponsor. You have to help us to network with more blogger outside our community and spread the word around to other bloggers so that no blogger miss the event.

it would also be great if you have friends in the media , who could do a small coverage on the meet.

So please let us know if we can start working together for this meet.


IndiBlogger Team
0 99411 92319

BG : – Thanks for considering me cool enough for the job. But sadly I can’t accept it right now coz won’t be able to give time.
Moreover if I am not wrong, through my mail I have learnt that Archit from Kolkata has agreed to arrange the Blog Meet on 21st of this month.

Regards- Rahul.

16. Dinesh Babu - 17 September, 2008

Hi, You’ve been awarded the Honest Blogger award by me 🙂

DiNeSh B – THANKs a LOTTTTTTT I never ever guessed that my Blog is worth an Award! I humbly accept it 😀 Thanks Again. 😀

17. kanagu - 2 October, 2008

Hi rahul,

/*I ……….never let schooling interfere with my education*/

nice quote… but I let interfered my education. Now its too late for me to change it. You have got a great blog.. congrats!!!

18. Rahul - 4 October, 2008

KANAGU – Welcome 🙂 Thanks for your appreciation 🙂 Visit again -Rahul

19. Remya - 8 January, 2009

hey Rahul… nice blog you got here… blogrolling u 🙂

Thanks Remya! 🙂

20. Kiran - 31 March, 2009

Hey, I enjoy reading your posts. You and your readers might like this video that a friend sent me. It’s a Bollywood version of an iTunes spot. Keep up the good work blogging!

– Kiran

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