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Of colour, me, ppt, correlation, weighted average & chocobar 1 August, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Musings.
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It’s been way too long since the last post. I have to admit that I have been a lazy bum but at the same time I was extremely busy. Contradictory statement? I know but isn’t life all about contradictions? Well without sprinkling some more confusing statements on you let me elucidate what actually happened.

I was in the midst of doing my ‘summer internship’ as a part of my MBA. I had my 2nd sem exams in the month of April and as soon as they ended I had to hit the road for the project. You are right, not a single day of rest in between, straightaway I embarked upon my journey to ‘2nd adulthood’, if one may call it so. I was livid at the mere thought of not been able to enjoy some days of rest after the exams but couldn’t help it as the schedule shaped up to the contrary.

This was two and a half months ago. And now that I have finished my project, made my ppt-presentation, done all the number crunching, battled correlation & weighted average single handedly and finally submitted the project report, I suddenly appreciate how important these last few months have been for me. I have realized that at the end of the day it’s all about managing people. I have realized that bosses value your work more than your grades and that they can (sometimes) be nice too! I have understood the value of team- work. And these are some realizations which hopefully would stay with me for long.

P.S. the word ‘colour’ is mentioned in the title because I did my project from a paint company. And ‘chocobar’ pertains to the fact that I celebrated its completion by feasting on 5 chocobars (it’s a normal practice for me).


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She loves me so much……….? !! 11 July, 2008

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She calls me in the morning, at noon, in the evening and even at night.Well nothing to hide from you, let me disclose that she even calls me after midnight! Some times she wakes me up before my alarm clock does.

Sometimes I feel irritated but my anger subsides as soon as I think about the offers she gives me & the promises she makes.They are unbelievable and hard to resist.

Yet I resist my temptations. Ones got to do it, after all you can’t follow your heart all the time can you?

Her voice is sweet and the best thing is that she never quarrels with me. I mean never. Now that’s a quality hard to find nowadays…isn’t it?

But I think she is a bit fickle minded. She changes her words quite often……..I mean the offers I spoke about…………..she keeps on changing them from time to time. I don’t complain though, because the newer ones are always better than her previous ones.

She also sends me SMSs all throughout the day and even during night. In fact she has sent me more than 10 SMSs just today ….till now!!

Sometimes it so happens that the first SMS I get is from …………………well who else but Her.

She must be smitten by my charm…I guess! Now…now……you guys don’t start thinking that she is someone without dignity or intellect. Not at all!! Well…….She can talk about politics,Cricket,Tennis,Movies,Restaurants…….the list is vast.

You all must be wandering ‘ who is She?’

Her name is ‘Airtel Customer care ‘!

and is just an automated marketing tool.

P.S. You all must be getting calls like this throughout the day like me. It must be about some ‘cricket’, ‘movie’ or ‘news’ package they are offering. Well I am am talking about the same stuff.Earlier I used to be so pi**ed off & angry but now I have consoled myself into thinking that she is madly in love with me & life seems less irritating!

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The Best Vodafone Ad 8 July, 2008

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The way the guy folds his lips & flashes his bunny teeth, just superb.

The way the girl smiles innocently & the background score, just wonderful.

What a way to communicate with the consumer.

Hutch (now Vodafone) has always been a master at this.

But I think this one is their Best 🙂

(Video: http://www.youtube.com)

Run Dada Run …….a Funny Ode to Sourav Ganguly! 5 July, 2008

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‘Castrol Asian Cricketer of the Year’ -2008 : Sourav Ganguly 🙂

Run Dada Run

Run Dada Run

Let the fools make Fun

You score Runs in Ton

Run Dada Run

Throw Dada Throw

Let them be shrill like Crow

Let them raise their (eye) Brow

Throw Dada Throw

Bowl Dada Bowl

Let them shout and howl

Let them scream and growl

Bowl Dada bowl

Hit Dada Hit

Let them throw their feet

You hit the ball so neat

Hit Dada hit

Win Dada win

Prove you are Steel & not Tin

Let your Smile flash On-screen

Win Dada win!!


Photo: From TheHindu.com

E-Bikes are a cool & smart way to ride. 29 June, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Environment, Technology.
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With inflation at more than 11% and fuel prices zooming only upwards, it is hard time for the common man in India. But now there is an easy and fun way to cut the pain in your pocket. It is simple. Just get yourself an E-bike (electric bike) – two-wheelers that run on electric power instead of petrol/gasoline.

There are many advantages of using E-bikes.

* Zero fuel consumption!

* Lower maintenance costs (almost negligible).

* Environment Friendly (zero emissions).

* They can run for 10 to 15 paise per km in comparison to fuel cost of Rs1 per Km for regular bikes or two-wheelers.

Though the cost (Rs14,000 to Rs 35,000 depending on the model) of E-bikes is a little more than petrol powered bikes, the obvious advantages cannot be overlooked. Plus, as these bikes have a top speed of 25 Kmph, are below 25 cc category and are gearless, most of them do not fall under ‘Automotive Research Association of India’ (ARAI) requirements. So there is no need of registration and payment of road tax. One doesn’t even need a license to drive these bikes! Now ain’t that cool!

According to a recent 10-city study by A C Nielsen, it is assumed that the nascent electric two-wheeler (E-bike) market in India is at nearly 5 lakh units. It is not a small market for a comparatively new technology and obviously many companies want to launch their models in India. According to (ARAI), since January this year atleast 12 companies have applied for certification to launch their E-bikes in the Indian market.

Among the existing E-bike manufacturers the well-known ones are:

* Electrotherm India (Ahmedabad based), Brand name: Yo-Bikes.

* Ace Motors (Maharashtra based).

* Hero Electric [this is a joint venture between the Hero group (India) & Ultra Motors (UK)].

* Atlas (Haryana)

Various surveys indicate that its only a matter of time that E-bikes take-off in a big way in India and become a popular mode of transport. So students, housewives, office travelers or whoever you may be, just be ready for the E-effect?!

Romancing Life with a Cappuccino in hand! 29 June, 2008

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I slowly turn around in my bed & in pure lethargy watch the clock on the mantle piece. Its 7 in the morning. It’s Sunday (thank god!) , so no rush , no deadlines, no meetings, so eventually no hurry for anything. I leave my bed and go to the loo. Finishing off there I prepare some hot water on the heater for some coffee, cappuccino to be specific. I am very finicky and particular about this one thing in my life, that is my coffee. It has to be brewed in a certain way and mixed with hot water at a specific temperature and poured only in my favorite porcelain Mug . Only then can you be sure that the wafting aroma of the warm drink will flirt with your olfactory senses in the right way and magical pleasure of the steaming mug will be just next to heavenly. After arranging everything to perfection, regarding the coffee I move on to my bookshelf. I pick up ‘Five Point Someone’ a bestseller by a guy called Chetan Bhagat , heavily and heartily recommended by all my friends, and also presented to me by one of them on my birthday last month. Now that the coffee is here , I start flipping through the pages. After drawing in the soothing smell of the freshly printed pages and lightly caressing the cover a bit, I start reading the first page and its gripping. There is something about it, which strikes u pleasantly, may be the lucid style or the endearing charm of the characters. One is bound to identify with them. I put on some music on my PC. Its ‘please forgive me’ by Bryan Adams. His rustic melodies enthrall me like everyone else on this planet.

An unique voice, incomparable, effortlessly exudes a certain warmth and a feeling of urban romance. I feel happy and contented with my self and life at this very moment. And to think of the trinkets contributing to this feeling, very paltry simple things…….. some coffee, a good book and a piece of music. Wow ! This you may call the ‘romance of life’. Sometimes if one can find some solace amongst the mundane rigor of ones life, then it rejuvenates the soul and puffs in fresh air into the lungs or shall I say the heart? Unshackling ourselves from the squabbles and quirks of our lives and redrawing from the humdrum gives us profound vibes of gleaming happiness.So take out some time for yourself during the weekend and indulge yourself , prodding away any pique or dissonance from your heart and believe me, feeling of a quaint congenial fulfillment will fill you up from within. Life is beautiful and sometimes one needs to romance it……….yes just it.

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Nishabd: Film review 29 June, 2008

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Let’s not have any doubts about the fact that Nishabd is a bold move for Ram Gopal Verma. That’s because in Indian society, we still don’t want to talk about certain things in spite of being aware of their presence.

Nishabd tells the story of a photographer (Mr. Bachchan), his wife (Revathy), his daughter (Shraddha Arya) and her friend (Jiah Khan). During holidays Jiah visits her friend and comes to stay with her family at their quaint house in a beautiful hill station. In the process, Mr.Bachchan (Vijay in the film), falls in love with Jiah or we may say gets attracted to her, who throughout the film roams in skimpy short pants and exhibits her nice pair of legs to the audience. As we know that love can happen anytime anywhere and between any two people. In this case it happens between 60 yr old Vijay and 18 yr old Jiah. Jiah is a carefree, effervescent teenage girl who finds this 60 yr old very sexy and hard to resist.

There is obviously a sexual connotation attached to this attraction (though Mr. Bachchan claims otherwise in his numerous interviews on different News channels). But RGV the director comfortably stays away from showing anything overtly sexual; (Jiah gives a kiss on Mr. Bachchan’s cheeks only). I am disappointed here. But may be Ramu didn’t want to hurt the celebrated & much talked about Indian sensibilities! Though I must say that in spite of this self-control (on part of Ramu), there is a sexual undertone in the script and it gets manifested in the manner of ‘shot taking’ & ‘camera angles’. By the way, cinematographer Amit Roy’s craft is wonderful in the movie.

I am not going to give out the full story here, because that’s going to spoil the charm for readers who haven’t yet watched the film. The story is good, with Ramu’s directorial brilliance present in glimpses but as a whole Nishabd fails to deliver. Moreover the 2nd half of the film is bland and surely lacks the pace, which was prevalent in the 1st half. To some, even the ending may seem a little abrupt.

Mr. Bachchan is brilliant and is surely the saving grace of the film. Only he could have depicted this role with such sobriety. Kudos to Mr.Bachchan, for being a part of this bold (by Indian standards) venture. And he delivers his job with unmatched composure and aplomb. If only he had the chance or opportunity of doing such varied roles in his younger days!

Jiah Khan is beautiful, sexy, and attractive.She does a fine job in her debut. She gives quite a mature performance, being just 18/19 years of age.
Revathy as usual is excellent and naturally beautiful, while Shraddha Arya is a talent to watch.

In conclusion, I would say that Nishabd is good in bits n parts but as a whole the movie fails to deliver. A niche audience will appreciate it, only (in multiplexes).
But RGV should be complemented for showing the courage to break away from the inconsequential candy floss style of film making, yet again. In the same breath I would say that he could have done a better job, we all know that he has the talent required. I give Nishabd 3 Stars out of 5.