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All the Best Jumbo. 3 November, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Sports.
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Thank you Jumbo. Thank you for the wonderful memories you have given

me & other cricket fans over the years. You have been a true champion.

All the Best 😛


Interviewing Phachin Phendulkar – (Mimicry)! 23 October, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Humour, PodCast.
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This is me (Rahul) taking a mock interview of Phachin Phendulkar.

I am doing both the voices here: Interviewer & Phachin.

Hope u guys like it.

It’s purely for fun 🙂 Just a piece of Mimicry 😛

To listen to it just click Here & then click on the Play button there.

All The Best Sourav. 8 October, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Sports.
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Always loved the attitude…….

Thank you Dada 🙂

Run Dada Run …….a Funny Ode to Sourav Ganguly! 5 July, 2008

Posted by Rahul in Humour, Sports.
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‘Castrol Asian Cricketer of the Year’ -2008 : Sourav Ganguly 🙂

Run Dada Run

Run Dada Run

Let the fools make Fun

You score Runs in Ton

Run Dada Run

Throw Dada Throw

Let them be shrill like Crow

Let them raise their (eye) Brow

Throw Dada Throw

Bowl Dada Bowl

Let them shout and howl

Let them scream and growl

Bowl Dada bowl

Hit Dada Hit

Let them throw their feet

You hit the ball so neat

Hit Dada hit

Win Dada win

Prove you are Steel & not Tin

Let your Smile flash On-screen

Win Dada win!!


Photo: From TheHindu.com