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A tribute to Mhd.Rafi my favourite singer. 22 August, 2008

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The Greatest

Rafi:The Greatest


Romancing Life with a Cappuccino in hand! 29 June, 2008

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I slowly turn around in my bed & in pure lethargy watch the clock on the mantle piece. Its 7 in the morning. It’s Sunday (thank god!) , so no rush , no deadlines, no meetings, so eventually no hurry for anything. I leave my bed and go to the loo. Finishing off there I prepare some hot water on the heater for some coffee, cappuccino to be specific. I am very finicky and particular about this one thing in my life, that is my coffee. It has to be brewed in a certain way and mixed with hot water at a specific temperature and poured only in my favorite porcelain Mug . Only then can you be sure that the wafting aroma of the warm drink will flirt with your olfactory senses in the right way and magical pleasure of the steaming mug will be just next to heavenly. After arranging everything to perfection, regarding the coffee I move on to my bookshelf. I pick up ‘Five Point Someone’ a bestseller by a guy called Chetan Bhagat , heavily and heartily recommended by all my friends, and also presented to me by one of them on my birthday last month. Now that the coffee is here , I start flipping through the pages. After drawing in the soothing smell of the freshly printed pages and lightly caressing the cover a bit, I start reading the first page and its gripping. There is something about it, which strikes u pleasantly, may be the lucid style or the endearing charm of the characters. One is bound to identify with them. I put on some music on my PC. Its ‘please forgive me’ by Bryan Adams. His rustic melodies enthrall me like everyone else on this planet.

An unique voice, incomparable, effortlessly exudes a certain warmth and a feeling of urban romance. I feel happy and contented with my self and life at this very moment. And to think of the trinkets contributing to this feeling, very paltry simple things…….. some coffee, a good book and a piece of music. Wow ! This you may call the ‘romance of life’. Sometimes if one can find some solace amongst the mundane rigor of ones life, then it rejuvenates the soul and puffs in fresh air into the lungs or shall I say the heart? Unshackling ourselves from the squabbles and quirks of our lives and redrawing from the humdrum gives us profound vibes of gleaming happiness.So take out some time for yourself during the weekend and indulge yourself , prodding away any pique or dissonance from your heart and believe me, feeling of a quaint congenial fulfillment will fill you up from within. Life is beautiful and sometimes one needs to romance it……….yes just it.

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